Thank you all.

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    Oh boy, the amount of years I've been on this I have made so many memories back when the brand was with skyrimcraft. And Oh god forbid the amount of screw ups I have caused. Even went so far as making like 20 staff applications for 2 years straight I applied every two weeks and was always rejected. But damn it was a good time and glad that some vets are still here. I think its coming up to be 5 years that i've been here and I dont regret any choices (other than spending 100+) on this server because the people that I've meet and the stories we have made are something you can only make with the ones you can honestly call your friend.

    P.S thank you for putting up with all my shit through the first few years I was suicidal and depressed but this server helped me hide from that and become a better person now.

    Sincerely Firebreath335.
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